After the first round, those teams qualified for the second round will show their projects to each other and the judges the next day.
You are strongly encouraged to present a demo of what you have built. Pitches or presentations are discouraged. You are not judged on the quality of your pitch or the quality of your idea. As you are judged on what you built, you'll only hurt yourself by not showing a demo.
You are encouraged to present what you have done even if your project is broken or you weren’t able to finish. It's okay if you didn't finish your project—that happens all the time! Completion is only one part of the judging criteria, so you might still do well. Also, demoing is not just about the competition. It's a chance to share with others what you learned and what you tried to build—that's what a hackathon is all about!
Hearing what other people learned is interesting and inspiring for other attendees.
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